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Running on & interacting with multiple blockchains.

How does
dSYNTHS work?

Leveraging ground breaking technologies.


The DEUS protocol is the underlying engine, providing liquidity and the markets.

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MUON Oracle

Muon Pythia module provides us trustless and instant pricefeeds, secured by Threshold Signature technology.

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dSynths is the interface built on top of, and leveraging, the DEUS and Muon Protocols. we don't hold customer records nor have a trading engine. Your entire trading experience is done through Web3.

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Unique Characteristics

Beyond anything you've ever experienced.

No slippage! Groundbreaking vault technology provided by the DEUS Protocol makes this possible.

No KYC & Sign-Ups. Connect your blockchain wallet and start trading.

Orcale verified, real-time prices. Quotes are pegged to the underlying market prices.

Multi-chain asset availability. Trade your favourite stocks on Ethereum, xDAI, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

Astonishing growth of our Exchange

Numbers speak louder than words.

transactions count

43,000+ Transactions

supported chains

5 Supported Chains

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How do I Sign-Up?

You don't have to. Seriously.

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dSynths is a non-profit community-led initiative that unifies existing smart contract technologies into one interface. dSynths is not responsible for any occured trading losses on the platform, trade at your own risk.